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HEALTH AID - BODYLEAN CLA PLUS, 30caps + 30 tabs

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Size: 60 Tabs


  • Health Aid Bodylean CLA Plus Dual Pack - 30 Tablets & 30 Capsules 
  • Bodylean provides extra nutritional support for A Lean & Trim Body 
  • Bodylean CLA Plus is a dual pack containing both Bodylean tablets & CLA (Conjugated Linolenic Acid) Capsules 
  • Bodylean ® tablets contain Green Tea, Carnitine, Ornithine, Creatine, CoQ10 and Chromium which work synergistically to release energy from stored body fat and help achieve the desired weight and physique. 

Lamberts CLA 1000mg 90caps

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Naturally present in our modern diet, but in significantly lower amounts than some researchers believe necessary, CLA is believed toinfluence the way our bodies store fat. Studies have shown that CLA may help people to maintain an optimum balance between body fatand lean muscle when it is used in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet. CLA is therefore likely to be of interest to athletes onvery low fat diets, and those people concerned about body composition and shape.

Power Health Classics Platinum Range Lecithin 1.200mg 60caps

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Power Health Platinum Range Lecithin 1200 mg is a dietary supplement with soy lecithin, high purity, rich in the valuable phospholipids phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidyloinositol, derived from non-genetically modified soy. Lecithin is found in nature where fat and water coexist, meaning it is a natural emulsifier.
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Spirulina Marcus Rohrer contains more than 100 nutrients such as vitamins A and B12, minerals, trace elements such as chromium and a variety of amino acids. It is grown on a special water farm in Hawaii. Its quality is strictly controlled from the beginning to the final packaging. Daily crop inspections, careful processing with the latest technology and quality controls that comply with the strictest international standards, guarantee the best quality and purity of the product.

Forte Pharma Calorilight 30caps

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Forte Pharma Calorilight is a natural formula with a rich composition of special fiber from cocoa and orange for weight loss and to reduce appetite. Fiber creates a feeling of satiety, reducing snacking and the desire to consume large amounts of food or sweets at meals.

Forte Pharma Liporedux 900 mg 56caps

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Liporedux Forte Pharma is a slimming supplement that helps boost metabolism and weight loss. It is ideal for weight loss in overweight and obese people with a body mass index greater than 25 or with persistent local abdominal thickness.

Superfoods Slimdetox 300ml

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Superfoods S Detox is a dietary supplement to detoxify and reduce fluid retention with dandelion, birch, green tea and artichoke. Contains 4 plant ingredients known for their diuretic and antioxidant properties, which help detoxify the body and reduce fluid retention. Thanks to the diuretic and antioxidant properties of herbs such as birch, green tea, artichoke and dandelion, it helps eliminate toxins from the body, as well as weight management.

Forte Pharma XtraSlim 700 120caps

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XtraSlim700 is a fat burning supplement designed to act on weight control. Its formula contains natural extracts that are extremely beneficial for these functions: Wakame algae and turmeric contribute to fat metabolism. Blackcurrant helps the weight loss process.

Forte Pharma Xtra Slim Burner Max 500ml

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Forte Pharma Xtra Slim Burner Max is a super-concentrated formula of 8 active ingredients from plants, known for enhancing the body's burning & detoxification functions. * The above are the result of studies and are not an EFSA opinion. Recommended dosage: 25 ml daily.