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The combination of Calcium, glycosylated Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid prevent skin from chafing caused by shaving. It protects the skin's hydrolipid film and prevents rubbing and irritation. Your skin is protected and deeply hydrated. Its non-drying formulation protects and cleanses your skin.

Vichy Homme After Shave Balm 75ml

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Vichy's Homme After Shave Balm is a dual-action formula to calm and comfort your sensitive skin. Comprised of Vichy Volcanic Water and Calcium, these two ingredients provide an immediate soothing comfort, and help to fortify the skin shave after shave.

AVENE - Men's Care Shaving Gel, 150 ml

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Shaving Gel specially designed for the shaving of blemish prone sensitive skin. Its formula contains triclosan which reduces shaving induced bacterial risks. Its moisturising properties also preserve the skin's natural protective barrier during daily shaving. Its thick and enveloping foam protects the skin helping the blade glide across the skin thus reducing sensations of discomfort. Paraben free.

AVENE - Men's Care Shaving Foam, 200ml

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Shaving Foam specially designed for the shaving of normal to dry sensitive skin. Its formula contains triclosan which reduces shaving-induced bacterial risks as well as an association of active ingredients which preserve the skin's natural protective barrier during daily shaving. Paraben free.

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Highly moisturising, this After-Shave Balm is recommended in the case of sensitive skin prone to dryness. Rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water, it soothes the skin and reduces razor burn by providing an instant sensation of well being and remarkable freshness. Its formula contains a skin-repair active ingredient which promotes the regeneration of tissues left damaged by the blade and triclosan, a purifying agent which reduces shaving-induced bacterial risks. Paraben free.

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Μη λιπαρό γαλάκτωμα για τη φροντίδα μετά το ξύρισμα. Φρέσκο, ζεστό και ισορροπημένο. Με αρωματικές νότες περγαμόντου και πράσινου τσαγιού. Οι χρήστες που το έχουν αγοράσει το ξεχωρίζουν κυρίως γιατί έχει ωραίο άρωμα και κάνει ό,τι υπόσχεται.
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Balm για μετά το ξύρισμα. Μία τολμηρή, ανδρική μυρωδιά. Αναδύει αρώματα dark leather και κέδρου, ενώ στην βάση του αποκαλύπτονται νότες από μαύρο πιπέρι, suede και απαλές πινελιές από άνθη μηλιάς.