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Frezyderm Frezyfeet Heavy Legs 125ml

Price €12.29
Availability: 11 In Stock
Its innovative formula reinforces microcirculation and increases the elasticity of the venous walls, reducing feelings of heaviness, burning as well as redness while reconstructing the skin. Apply the cream by lightly massaging it onto the heels, ankles, calves applying slight pressure and working upwards.

Antistax Fresh Leg 125ml

Price €10.89
Availability: 14 In Stock
"Antistax Cooling Leg Gel is a unique, easily absorbed and non -greasy product that instantly relieves and refreshes the ""heavy "" and tired feet. Usage: Massage gel on your feet, with large and steady movements, starting from your ankles and moving upwards."

Gehwol Leg Balm 125ml

Price €14.90
Availability: 2 In Stock
GEHWOL Leg Balm is a gentle, non-oily herbal balm specially for the care of the legs and feet. Allantoin, an ingredient in horse chestnut, bisabolol, a constituent of camomile, hamamelis extract, menthol and panthenol reduce irritation and have an astringent and soothing effect on skin discolouration and redness. The valuable active ingredients are rapidly absorbed by the skin. GEHWOL Leg Balm makes skin beautiful, smooth and supple when used regularly. Dry skin, skin blemishes, discolouration, foot fungus and premature skin ageing are prevented. A light massage strengthens your veins, prevents leg ailments during pregnancy and affords a pleasant feeling of being fresh.