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Healing of the vaginal mucosa in cases of injury or mild atrophy. Eva Intima Restore due to its high concentration in hyaluronic acid and the unique combination of herbs with anaplastic properties is a powerful healing agent of the vaginal mucosa to enhance and accelerate the healing of atrophic or injured vaginal mucosa while regulate vaginal pH in normal acidic values, enhancement of normal vaginal flora and alleviation of symptoms of irritation and redness.

Intermed Eva Intima Mycosis Ovules 10pcs

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Vaginal suppositories for the inhibition of the action of fungi. Eva Intima Mycosis Ovules is a medical device specially designed to control fungal infections of any etiology. Thanks to the combination of boric acid, tea tree oil and lactic acid, Eva Intima Mycosis inhibits fungal activity within 48 hours and over 90% while balancing the vaginal environment. Its enriched composition in chamomile extract and panthenol relieves the feeling of burning and irritation and treats the damaged vaginal mucosa.
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