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There are many the times that our body’s needs are not met through a well balanced diet, and become essential to stimulate our organism, as to meet the increasing needs of everyday life.

The body’s stimulation, memory’s strengthening, the protection from oxidative stress are just a few of the benefits you will get from the natural food products that we recommend for you to discover. The results will surprise you in a pleasant way.

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Health Aid Osteoflex Plus 60tabs

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Osteoflex Plus formulation provides nutritional support for healthy joints and cartilage. It is a unique combination of high-grade Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate and Hyaluronic Acid, with added Vitamin C, Turmeric and Manganese to help maintain supple, flexible joints, strong cartilage and a healthy skeleton. These nutrients also work together towards reducing oxidative stress on the body, therefore contributing to a feeling of youthfulness.

Aboca NeoBianacid 45tabs

Price €13.90
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NeoBianacid is a product with plant-based and mineral molecular complexes that provide a protective effect, soothing the gastro-oesophageal mucosa and rapidly counteracting the symptoms of heartburn, pain, and acidity, which are typically triggered when the mucosa is irritated and inflamed.

Lamberts Pure Fish Oil 1100mg 180caps

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Pure Fish Oil 1100mg UK-made, high-strength fish oil capsules, providing 700mg of omega 3s. These capsules contain a concentrated fish oil which provides a full 700mg of omega 3s per capsule (many 1000mg fish oil products contain just 350mg of omega 3s). This means that this product is one of the strongest available in the UK and is therefore widely recommended by practitioners. The fish oil undergoes a sophisticated purification process that ensures it is largely odour free, with levels of contaminants well below the strict EU maximum limits. The oil is then protected from oxidation while it is in the capsules by the inclusion of natural vitamin E.
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Time Release Vitamin C 1000mg. These tablets are specially formulated to release the vitamin C gradually over 6-8 hours after swallowing, which means that the absorption of vitamin C into the bloodstream also occurs gradually. This is believed to create a more stable level of vitamin C in the blood for a longer period.
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Forte Pharma Magne 300 Marin is a nutritional supplement of magnesium derived from seawater in combination with vitamin B6. Helps combat fatigue, stress, irritability, and smooth functioning of the nervous and muscular system. Use: Take 1 tablet a day to re-load your body into magnesium and feel relaxed day by day.

Superfoods Hippophaes 30 softgels

Price €15.82
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Hippophaes is a deciduous shrub with yellow-orange fruit that has been widely used since antiquity. It is one of the most effective superfoods, containing more than 190 nutrients with known beneficial properties (metals, trace elements and carotenoids).

Quest TumBiotix 30caps

Price €15.26
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This supplement provides a combination of L. plantarum and L. acidophilus. This combination can help to maintain a favourable balance of intestinal bacteria which in turn help support bowel health and function.

Health Aid Omega 3 750mg 60caps

Price €25.21
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Omega 3 750mg Capsules are specially formulated using Norwegian salmon fish oil to give a highly concentrated source of Omega-3 Polyunsaturates, EPA and DHA in their free form for improved digestibility, assimilation and efficacy. A valuable supplement to contribute to the maintanance of circulation and cholesterol control as well as improve general wellbeing (heart, skin, joints) and brain function.

Agan Eusensia Stress Adapt 30vegicaps

Price €17.52
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EUSENSIA Stress Adapt is a blend of potent adaptogenic and adrenal supportive herbs and nutrients that support the body in managing physical and mental stress, controlling the excess cortisol production, promoting adrenal functions and increasing energy and endurance.

Quest Vitamin C 500mg 60tabs

Price €11.44
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The Vitamin C 500mg Timed Release dietary supplement from Quest provides the body with vitamin C in combination with bioflavonoids, for a healthy immune system. Vitamin C protects cells from oxidative damage, is essential for the synthesis of collagen and therefore an important structural component for skin connective tissue (elasticity), skin vessels, tendons, ligaments and bones. In addition it increases the absorption of iron.

A.VÓGEL - Vitaforce 200ml

Price €28.12
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supplying the body with vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, protein, minerals and trace elements that are necessary in times of physical and mental fatigue, recovery from illness and sports activities.

Forte Pharma XtraSlim 700 120caps

Price €39.22
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XtraSlim700 is a fat burning supplement designed to act on weight control. Its formula contains natural extracts that are extremely beneficial for these functions: Wakame algae and turmeric contribute to fat metabolism. Blackcurrant helps the weight loss process.

Altion Tonovit Multivitamin 40 softcaps

Price €22.89
Availability: 2 In Stock
Altion Tonovit Multivitamin is a multivitamin that provides immediate stimulation and energy, as well as full coverage of the nutritional needs of adults. It contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, trace elements as well as coenzyme Q10, ginseng and omega 3 fatty acids.

Health Aid Betaimune 30caps

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Certain health conditions, weather and seasons or nutrient deficiencies can possibly contribute to a weak immune system. Chronic stress, either physiological or emotional can also play a part in the feeling of unwell and could make you susceptible to health issues. Feeling fatigued or lethargic can be signs of possible underlying imbalances.