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AVENE - Regulating Deodorant Care, 50 ml

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This new deodorant owes its efficacy and reliability to its very innovative deodorant complex based on spherulites whose uniqueness lies in their ability to gradually relase the deodorant complex in a controlled manner throughout the day. 

The new alcohol, preservative and aluminium salt FREE regulating deodorant provides not only acalming and protective effect for sensitive skin but it also very pleasant to use.

Korres Equisetum Deodorant 48h 30ml

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Korres Equisetum Deodorant 48h is a 48 hour protection deodorant, without fragrance. It respects sensitive skin and acts by reducing sweating and therefore odor, while caring for the skin thanks to the strong antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-irritant properties of Allantoin aluminum salts.
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Soothes directly the underarm area skin.It offers

48 hours protection even for most sensitive skin

Beautifies directly and permanently the skin in the armpit area .Enlarges the time between shaves and improves skin texture . It offers 48 hours protection from sweat even for the most sensitive skin.

Uriage deo puissance 3 roll on 50ml

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Uriage Deodorant Puissance 3 acts effectively on perspiration all day long and combats odors. It prevents white, yellow stains and the cardboard effect under clothing. The Power3 Deodorant provides a fresh, clean feeling for 24 hours.

Uriage Gentle Deodorant 50ml

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Uriage Gentle Deodorant Roll-On is a mild deodorant that has an anti-odor efficacy for 24 hours. It has the ability to inhibit the enzymes responsible for the degradation of sweat and to control body odors since it decreases bacterial adhesion.