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Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Balm 15ml

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Aqualia Thermal Eye Balm. A refreshingly lightweight eye gel that delivers the lasting hydration of a moisturizing balm for a more radiant, refreshed appearance that lasts. Targets the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles

Frezyderm Eye Balm 15ml

Price €17.02
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Eye Balm is a gentle and cool cream-gel ideal for dark circles, bags and dull skin on the eye area. Thanks to its composition in bioflavonoids, it immediately activates the microcirculation, while the plant extracts it contains help it to restore elasticity and radiance to the skin.

Vencil - Eye Cream 20ml

Price €31.25
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Vencil eye cream is the moisturizing eye care cream, for those who are looking for a care for the overall treatment of the problems around the eyes: wrinkles, eyelids, dark circles and bags. Improves microcirculation under the eyes. In a long application, it prevents and treats dark circles.
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Immediately, the radiance is revealed, and after 7 days, the eye contour is brightened. The result increases with each use, with a visible reduction in the surface area and colour of dark circles after 28 days. Based on the aesthetic technique of hyaluronic acid injections, this lightening fluid provides a triple action against the three types of dark circles: blue, brown and hollow. Its formula is enriched with anti-blue light shield peptides, for protection against peri-ocular cellular damage and reinforced corrective action.

Vichy Slow Age Eye Cream 15ml

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Slow ?ge Eye Cream is formulated with naturally inspired active ingredients including antioxidant Ba?calin, probiotic-derived Bifidus, Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water, Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract and Caffeine. This scientifically proven formula slows down the appearance of signs of ageing.
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A powerful multi-targeting eye contour cream. Prohibits the emergence of new wrinkles and plumps away existing lines. This clinically tested, luxuriously rich and silky eye cream stimulates the synthesis of ceramides, regenerates fatigued skin, lightens dark circles and reduces eye puffiness simultaneously.

Avene DermAbsolu Youth Eye Cream 15ml

Price €33.91
Availability: 3 In Stock
Anti-aging eye cream - Ideal for bags and dark circles - With moisturizing-nourishing texture, without fragrance - It visibly aims at relaxing the skin - It does not contain perfume - The Avene DermAbsolu Youth Eye Cream is an anti-aging eye cream for mature skin.

Avene A-Oxitive Eye Contour Cream 15ml

Price €28.75
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Av?ne A-Oxitive Smoothing Eye Contour Cream illuminates and smooths the eye contour for a visibly brighter, fresher, and revitalized look. Its unique formula contains Retinal and Vitamin E. Retinal stimulates cell renewal and also increases the natural collagen production of the skin.
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Vichy Neovadiol Rose Platinum Eyes is a targeted care designed to combat the signs of ageing on the skin such as wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles. This firming eye cream is formulated with Vichy's Mineralizing Water and rose extracts to restore radiance, inner vitality and colour.

Frezyderm Color Eye Balm 15ml

Price €17.40
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A soft tinted cream that reduces dark circles, puffiness and dullness in the skin around the eyes. It activates microcirculation and prevents swelling while topically firming skin and increasing elasticity. In the meantime, it reduces lines and fine wrinkles, also protecting from skin ageing.