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Gehwol Caring Footdeo Spray 150ml

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GEHWOL caring FOOTDEO Footdeo contains natural medicinal plant oils from rosemary and lavender, balanced in a combination of herbal extracts from chamomile and peppermint as well as with the main vitamin panthenol. GEHWOL caring FOOTDEO revitalises and stimulates the circulation. It has a long lasting refreshing and deodorising effect and provides long-lasting protection against foot odour. The spray effectively disinfects and protects you from mucous infections of feet and nails. It prevents inflammation and softens hardened calluses. The pump spray can be used upside down as well.

Scholl Fresh Step Spray 150ml

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Its revolutionary formula Neutra-Activ, which completely eliminates the odor and factors that fight bacteria and fungi inside the shoe for advanced 24 hours protection. Its systematic use helps keep footwear in good condition.

Hydrovit Protective Powder 50gr

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Protects skin from irritation, friction, and itching while controlling excess moisture! Skin powder with anti-inflammatory, deodorant and absorbent action. Protects skin from irritation, friction and itching while controlling excess moisture.
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Odour ControlPerspiration is not the only cause of bad odours. Bacteria can lurk on your feet and in your shoes if not properly cared for. Control perspiration with Scholl Fresh Step range to prevent bad smell.Scholl Odour Control Foot & Shoe PowderScholl's Fresh Step Foot&Shoe Control Powder protects feet and shoes from odour & wetness for 24 hours due to its anti-perspirant action.