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Mosquito adhesive patch patterned with microcapsules for adults. The innovative shape of the product makes it unique. The product components are not in direct contact with the skin while the effect lasts up to 6 hours. To start action of the product should break the microcapsules that are within the patch. Once the aroma is released its action begins. Each patch creates a protective radius of 1 - 3m. The product is highly effective and can be stuck to clothing, the table, bed, bedside table, bag etc. It is ideal for outdoor activities, is particularly practical to use and carry and protects you without being smeared, sprayed or contaminated. After application wash your hands.

Vican Cer'8 Kids 24 Stickers

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The CER'8 Junior sticker patch is the ideal mosquito repellent for young children without touching their delicate skin and at the same time protects them without the need of spraying. It can be stuck near the bed, stroller or baby cot in a place not visible and inaccessible. Ideal for older children as well, it can be attached to clothing or furniture while playing or sleeping.
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