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Phyto Joba Moisturizing Mask 150ml

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This rich mask untangles and intensely hydrates dry hair, without weighing it down. Enriched with Jojoba oil, it restores the hydrolipidic film and strengthens the hair fibre, thus protecting from dehydration. 97% NATURAL, SILICONE-FREE, ALCOOL-FREE, MCIT-FREE, MIT-FREE, PARABEN-FREE, SULFATE-FREE
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Phytolisse Straightening Shampoo relaxes hair and control frizz with Phytolisse. Smooths the cuticle using flower acid. Calendula blossom extracts and vitamin B5 help soften your hair and prevent dryness. Phytolisse Straightening Shampoo relaxes hair and control frizz with Phytolisse.

Phyto Secret Night Cream 75ml

Price €23.18
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Secret Night goes to work as you sleep to regenerate the hair fiber deep down. Upon waking, hair is shiny, supple, and manageable. Macadamia oil and ceramides, encapsulated in chronospheres, are time-released for night-long intense hydration, nourishment, and repair.
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Apivita Shampoo Moisturizing hyaluronic acid & aloe is a moisturizing shampoo with hyaluronic acid and aloe suitable for all hair types. In particular, it contains oat proteins that deeply cleanse the hair and geranium and rose essential oils, thus offering a pleasant aroma to the scalp. Also, aloe and hyaluronic acid moisturize intensively and deeply the scalp, retaining its moisture, while giving softness and natural movement to the hair.
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Apivita Rescue Hair Oil Nourishing & Repairing argan & olive is a hair nourishing and repairing oil, with argan and olive oil. Specifically, it nourishes the hair in depth, gives softness and elasticity to the hair. It is enriched with organic oils of almond, sunflower and oats, stimulates the scalp and prevents frizz. Gives a pleasant aroma of lavender, geranium, sandalwood essential oils, offering a feeling of relaxation.
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This care gel durably hydrates dry hair. It forms a protective film on the surface of the hair and releases hydrating active ingredients into the heart of the fibre. A fresh, melting texture, containing Jojoba milk, makes styling easy and offers a soft, silky finish. 96% NATURAL, SILICONE-FREE, ALCOOL-FREE, MCIT-FREE,, MIT-FREE, SULFATE-FREE, PARABEN-FREE

Dercos Protein Shampoo 250ml

Price €10.28
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Specially developed to combat dry hair and scalp, Nutri Protein Shampoo is formulated with a unique combination of natural, restorative nutrients to quench dry hair which has been damaged by heat and UV. Even the driest hair is transformed and feels silky and hydrated. For best results follow with Nutri Protein Mask.