Privacy policy

1. General Terms

The website of has been designed by fully complying to the local and European legislation concerning the protection and privacy of personal data. More specifically, we adhere to the best practices for the compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation. More information about GDPR you can find in the official page here: EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 – GDPR.

The priority of is the protection of the client’s right to the privacy of connection and therefore, the protection of data privacy is explained below, as well as the notion and meaning of the following terms, in order to become easily comprehensible and understood and not to give rise to suspicion for possible breach of the privacy of connection.

2. Collection and processing of personal data

2.1. Website Traffic & Promition Data

The website uses the Google Analytics Service (GA) to extract traffic data of this website. The data are gathered and analyzed aiming at drawing conclusions about the number of visitors, the recording of problems and the improvement of the way of display and experience of use.

The service of Google Analytics records non-personalized data of the visitor, such as the geographic location, the device, the Internet browser and the operational system. Moreover, the service records the IP address of the visitor’s computer, to which nonetheless, has no access, based on the terms of use of this service. The service Google Analytics uses cookies technology (you can find technical specifications of the function of cookies here: Google’s developer guides). By disabling the cookies in the computer or by using the private mode of the browser, the possibility to create cookies is discontinued, so it is impossible to record any visit and use of the website.

The current website uses also the service Google Double Click for marketing purposes. If you prefer to be excluded from the use of double click cookies, you can visit the page to opt-out from DoubleClick here:

2.2. Contact form

The use of the contact form by the user does not record his data to a privately-owned or third party-owned system of personal data processing. The user’s data (name, surname and e-mail address) are transferred via simple e-mail to the Marketing department of in order to send the answer to the visitor’s request. The mail service infrastructure of is supported in the platform Gmail of Google, which complies with the highest safety standards, based on the best certificates of safety worldwide.

2.3. Free Newsletter Service

The free newsletter of uses the platform MailChimp for its function. Since, the user has given his explicit consent for the use of his data by the service, these are transferred to the platform of MailChimp to use them in relevant newsletter lists. Such data (name, surname, e-mail address) are not stored in the database of the website or another computerized system apart from MailChimp. The data which are collected through this service are used by the marketing department of in order to send newsletters about products and competitions.

The data are kept in the platform of MailChimp for as long and it is used by, unless the user requests the removal of his data. The removal of the user from the free newsletter can be carried out through the link of removal from the list of recipients of the service or through contact with the Data Processing Controller.

2.4. Automatically Recorded Information

The Web Servers of record automatically some information to help us, in diagnose problems on time, manage the website and collect extensive demographic information. Such information is anonymous (they are non-personally identifiable) and they contain the domain names and/or IP addresses of the browsers visiting our website, the day and time of the visit and other (always) non-personally identifiable information. 

2.5. Cookies

Cookies is a small part of data sent to the client’s browser from a web server and it is stored in the hard drive of the client’s computer. The cookies do not cause damage to the computer system of the client and they do not affect its functionality. The cookies also make web browsing easier for the client, by storing his settings. The site uses cookies to provide specialised services and content covering the client’s interests. The aforementioned cookies do not contain personally identifiable information. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but the client usually has the possibility to set his browser to prevent them. Even without cookies, the client can use most services of

2.6. Personal Information

Due to the particularity of the website (e-shop), personal information is required in order to make possible the delivery of the products to the address and the person of the user/client. Such information does not become known to third parties, neither are they used for any other purpose. More specifically, between and the client the following are agreed explicitly and unreservedly: represents and the client accepts that the personal data collected by and concerning the client will be used for the handling of his request, namely to support, execute and promote the trading relationship, as well as keep him informed about the future offers and advertising actions of The recipient of such data is exclusively in the context of this transaction, as well as any physical or legal person, to whom, under the current legislation is obliged or has the right to disclose the data, based on the client’s consent, law or judicial decision. represents that, during the period of keeping of such data/personal information, it will use them within the law, by taking the necessary measures of safety and respect for their privacy. will remove these data from its records under the current legislation.

The client by addressing in writing has the right to be informed of his personal data that are kept by it, the right to object and correct them, as well as the right to revoke his consent for the processing of personal data, which concern him at any time under the current legislation (articles 11 up to 13 of the L.2472/1997). takes all necessary measures for the protection of the privacy of the telecommunications of the user/client and the transferred information and data under the current legislation. However, does not guarantee the safety of data transferred via networks to the extent that their protection is not achieved by taking appropriate safety measures required by law and any relevant direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, material or non-material damage suffered by the user from accessing the internet.

For any disputes occurring among the clients or among the clients and third parties and which are due to messages, data, details or information handled via, the latter represents that any lifting of privacy of the client’s telecommunications is allowed only when and in so far as is called to fulfil its obligation under the current legislation. It is explicitly agreed that the aforementioned terms are governed by the Greek legislation, the decisions of the institutional bodies of the State applying to the transactions of the electronic communications, as well as the relevant provisions currently in force.

These terms are governed by the Greek legislation. In case that the user attempts to access from areas outside Greece, such access will be carried out on his own responsibility concerning the compliance with the Greek legislation. For any dispute in relation to these terms and the courts of Patras have jurisdiction.

3. Data processing by third parties uses services from third-party providers (Google, MailChimp, APIFON) to process data on its behalf. Such providers have been chosen based on their compliance to the current legislations on privacy and personal data protection. You can find more information on the privacy policy that is followed on behalf of third-party providers in the following links:

Google - Privacy Policy of Google

Mailchimp - Privacy Policy of MailChimp

APIFON - Privacy Policy of ApiFon

4. Disclosure of personal data breach to the supervisory authority is committed to report to the competent supervisory authorities any breach – leak of personal data occurs in this website or to third-party services where their processing is carried out, no later than 72 hours since the breach has been established, as long as the data leak is confirmed in an identifiable way.

5. Right to update, process and remove personal data

Under the current legislation, any user whose data have been stored by to the databases it uses has the possibility to request:

to be informed about which personal data are kept and to which locations

the purpose of their use

their processing and correction or their full removal

In case that the user wishes to proceed to any of the aforementioned actions, he should contact to the contact information mentioned at the paragraph «Data Processing Controller».

6. Data Processing Controller

For any information relevant to the handling of personal data and relevant requests about them the user is requested to contact via e-mail, telephone or fax to the following contact information:


Telephone: +30 2106754887