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Apivita Pastilles Eucalyptus & propolis 45g

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Lozenges for sore throat - With eucalyptus, propolis and Vitamin C - Pleasant taste of eucalyptus - Free of sugar and aspartame - Natural composition. Apivita Pastilles Eucalyptus & Propolis, are lozenges with emollient action on the sore throat. The extracts of propolis, eucalyptus and Vitamin C contained soothe the sore throat and reduce cough.
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Medical Pharmaquality Octonion Syrup is a herbal syrup with 7 herbs and vitamin C, suitable for cough, all symptoms of cold (runny nose, throbbing, hoarseness), and to enhance the body's defense. Contains 8 natural ingredients: Althaea officinalis or dendromoles, reduces mucosal irritation while having anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. The groove is used against the severe and dry cough. Verbasc thapsus is a herb for coughing. It exhibits mucolytic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral activity.
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