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Frezyderm Seb Excess Shampoo 200ml

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A gentle shampoo, with a neutral PH, that regulates and balances excess oil. Active ingredients, including plant extracts, deeply cleanse the hair, while toning and protecting it. Heavy and dull hair regains its lost volume while hair styling lasts longer.

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Gentle shampoo that works alongside prescribed medication to effectively treat seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, scalp irritation and itching. Complementary active ingredients, including herbal extracts, sooth and protect the scalp. With neutral pH.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle 150ml

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Formulated with Nettle extract to reduce excess oil, this plant-based dry shampoo eliminates dirt, oil, and odor in just 25 seconds and controls it for up to 48 hours*. Ultra-fine powders blend invisibly into hair with no chalky residue. Increases the time span between washes to leave hair cleaner, longer.

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A balancing conditioner for hair with oily roots and dry ends moisturizes hair and helps repair the dry damaged ends. Takes care and balances hair with oily roots, thanks to nettle and propolis extracts. Moisturizes in-depth and repairs dry damaged ends, thanks to thyme honey and what proteins.