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Quest TumBiotix 30caps

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This supplement provides a combination of L. plantarum and L. acidophilus. This combination can help to maintain a favourable balance of intestinal bacteria which in turn help support bowel health and function.

Health Aid Osteoflex Plus 60tabs

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Osteoflex Plus formulation provides nutritional support for healthy joints and cartilage. It is a unique combination of high-grade Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate and Hyaluronic Acid, with added Vitamin C, Turmeric and Manganese to help maintain supple, flexible joints, strong cartilage and a healthy skeleton. These nutrients also work together towards reducing oxidative stress on the body, therefore contributing to a feeling of youthfulness.

Lanes B-Complex 60tabs

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Vitamin B5 contributes to normal mental performance. Vitamins B2, B3 and biotin help to maintain the skin while biotin is valuable and dryers. Choline contributes to normal lipid metabolism and homocysteine and maintain liver function. Folic acid helps the growth of breast tissue during pregnancy and the normal composition of amino acids. Decreased levels of B vitamins can affect brain function, causing poor concentration, irritability and mood changes.

Lamberts Cranberry 18,750mg 60tabs

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Cranberry Tablets 18,750mg With vitamin C which contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Cranberries have long been known to women for the health of the urinary system. However, cranberry juice is very sharp to the taste and consequently many commercial cranberry drinks are often laden with sugar and high in calories. A more convenient way to take cranberries is in the form of tablets but often these can be a compromise on potency.
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