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Frezyderm Tripleffect Cream-Gel 150ml

Regular price €31.42 Price €21.99 -30%
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This multipurpose cream has a lightweight, non-greasy gel texture. It stimulates fat burning, reduces cellulite and its orange peel appearance, and firms the skin's tissue. It also hydrates and tones the skin. The cream's non-greasy texture means it is quickly absorbed without residue.

Elancyl Serum Fermete Buste 50ml

Regular price €24.80 Price €18.60 -25%
Availability: 1 In Stock
Elancyl Serum Fermete Buste is a breast, neck and d?collet? firming serum. With sweet almond extract, it combines tonic and antioxidant ingredients for firm and toned skin. The gel-creamy, non-sticky serum is discreetly flavored and moisturizes the skin. Its use combines pleasure and efficiency.

Solgar Tonalin CLA 1300mg 60 softgels

Regular price €46.84 Price €32.79 -30%
Availability: 6 In Stock
Tonalin CLA inhibits the action of an enzyme that allows fat to enter adipocytes. This prevents them from increasing in size and generally reduces both growth and fat deposition in the body. In addition, it helps glucose get into muscle cells more efficiently, preventing it from becoming fat.

Forte Pharma XtraSlim 700 120caps

Regular price €59.16 Price €35.50 -40%
Availability: 35 In Stock

XtraSlim700 is a fat burning supplement designed to act on weight control. Its formula contains natural extracts that are extremely beneficial for these functions: Wakame algae and turmeric contribute to fat metabolism. Blackcurrant helps the weight loss process.

Elancyl My Coach 200ml

Regular price €34.10 Price €20.46 -40%
Availability: 14 In Stock
Offers smoothing, toning, decongestation * Visible results in 7 days **: orange smoothing, slim body. For every little daily exercise you try My Coach! increases + 60% the effect on the sanding of the orange peel.
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