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Apivita Pastilles Thyme & honey 45g

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Lozenges with thyme, honey and Vitamin C - Antiseptic action - For cough - Compatible with homeopathy. Apivita Pastilles Thyme & honey are lozenges that soften the throat, with thyme and honey, offering a mild antiseptic and antioxidant action.
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Lozenges with propolis and licorice - For sore throat and cough - Free of sugar and aspartame - Compatible with homeopathy. Apivita Pastilles Propolis & licorice are lozenges that soften sore throats and soothe coughs, with mild antiseptic and antioxidant action.
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Lozenges for sore throat - With eucalyptus, propolis and Vitamin C - Pleasant taste of eucalyptus - Free of sugar and aspartame - Natural composition. Apivita Pastilles Eucalyptus & Propolis, are lozenges with emollient action on the sore throat. The extracts of propolis, eucalyptus and Vitamin C contained soothe the sore throat and reduce cough.
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Apivita Propolis Organic Throat Spray is a throat spray ideal for treating coughs and sore throats, with propolis, althaea, eucalyptus, sage and tea tree essential oil. Propolis helps to strengthen the body's natural defenses, providing antiseptic, antioxidant and antiviral properties, treating the symptoms of the common cold. Honey and althaea relieve sore throats and coughs, protecting the mucous membranes, thanks to their antibacterial and antiseptic action. Eucalyptus and sage help treat sore throats and coughs, protecting against upper respiratory infections. Tea tree essential oil offers excellent antifungal and antiseptic action.

Aboca Fitonasal Spray 30ml

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Concentrated Fitonasal Spray is a protective decongestant that is suitable for all types of colds, allergies and, in general, for cases of congestion and irritation of the nasal cavities, associated with acute or chronic problems.
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Ypertono nasal decongestant for children older than 2 years and adults 25ml

The Physiomer naturally sterile undiluted seawater offers perfect cleaning and washing the nasal cavity, obstructing the efficient to the upper part of it. Due to its unique composition, preserves its content of minerals and trace elements, without containing propellants and preservatives. The muzzle PHYSIOMER, is specially designed to fit perfectly in the anatomy of the nose without risk of injury. For all these reasons, the PHYSIOMER highly recommended by the medical community in all cases presented problems nasal congestion from the newborn to the adult. The PHYSIOMER comes in different packages depending on the age of the consumer and the nasal problem.

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Physiomer Eucalyptus is a hypertonic nasal spray with seawater, eucalyptus and wild mint that relieves nasal congestion within 3 minutes of application! Thanks to its decongestant properties, it liquefies and removes excess secretions, preventing the spread of infections, while giving relief and a feeling of freshness that lasts.

Physiomer Strong Jet Fort 210ml

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Physiomer Strong Jet Fort is an isotonic nasal spray with seawater that offers intense spraying. Thus, it thoroughly cleanses and rinses the nasal cavities, in cases where deep cleansing is required. Ideal for viscous, sticky, purulent secretions, chronic nasal diseases and sinusitis, as well as for prevention of postoperative complications. Helps remove dust, allergens, pollutants and pathogens (viruses and bacteria), while moisturizing the nasal mucosa.
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Saline for infants 

30 ampoules x 5ml

Ampules with saline solution for the eyes and nose. For neonates and infants. It contains a combination of 80 minerals and trace elements that work together to help restore the affected nasal mucosa and normal function of the nasal passages. Gently cleanses and hydrates the delicate baby's nose allowing clean breath. Removes slime, dirt and irritants from the nasal passages, if stuffy nose or runny nose case. Cleans and moisturizes the eyes and eyelids.

Lamberts Echinacea 1000mg 60tabs

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Made from over 4000mg of fresh Echinacea. Echinacea is one of the most popular herbs in the world and its popularity is based on the vast amount of research that has been carried out over the years. It is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants in the daisy family- Asteraceae. Echinacea has a complex mix of active substances, and of most interest compounds called phenols. Many plants contain phenols, active substances that control the activity of a range of enzymes and cell receptors and protect the plant from infections and ultraviolet (UV) radiation damage. Phenols have antioxidant properties, which may be good for human health.

Lanes Vitamin C 1000 mg 20 eff tabs

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Lanes Vitamin C 1000mg with bioflavonoids is a time release product designed for prolonged action. It is an ideal supplement that enhances the immune system, strengthens the organism's defense and protects against the common cold.

Lanes Vitamin C 1000mg 60tabs

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Lanes Vitamin C 1000mg with bioflavonoids is a time release product designed for prolonged action. It is an ideal supplement that enhances the immune system, strengthens the organism's defense and protects against the common cold.

Quest Immune Biotix 30caps

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Contains nutrients to support immune function to increase resistance to disease and infections. A unique potent immune supporting complex of beta glucans (beta 1-3, 1-6 glucan), aged garlic extract, lactobacilli bacteria, vitamin D, selenium, zinc and copper.
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Solgar's Vitamin C with Rose Hips offers strong antioxidant activity while presenting anti-inflammatory effects, especially to strengthen joints. Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin necessary for the health of the body and especially important for maintaining healthy skin.

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Medical Pharmaquality Octonion Syrup is a herbal syrup with 7 herbs and vitamin C, suitable for cough, all symptoms of cold (runny nose, throbbing, hoarseness), and to enhance the body's defense. Contains 8 natural ingredients: Althaea officinalis or dendromoles, reduces mucosal irritation while having anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. The groove is used against the severe and dry cough. Verbasc thapsus is a herb for coughing. It exhibits mucolytic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral activity.

Cube Iovir Throat spray 20ml

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Iovir is an oral and pharyngeal spray to treat the symptoms of upper respiratory tract viral infections such as cough, pharyngitis and hoarseness. Cold viruses enter the human body mainly through the oral cavity and nose.

Apivita Pastilles

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Apivita Pastilles Raspberry & Propolis are lozenges with vitamin C that soften the throat and relieve the symptoms of sore throat. Contains Vitamin C, which provides rich antioxidant protection and strengthens the immune system during a common cold. Each lozenge contains 20% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDA) of vitamin C.