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Uriage Xemose Anti-Itch Soothing Oil Balm is a nutritious, soothing balm-oil body and facial for the very dry and sensitive skin with itchiness. With thermal water, Cerasterol 2F, TLR2-Regul, Chronoxine. It hydrates deep, relieves dryness, irritation and pulling sensation and offers comfort to the skin.

Uriage Gentle Deodorant 50ml

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Uriage Gentle Deodorant Roll-On is a mild deodorant that has an anti-odor efficacy for 24 hours. It has the ability to inhibit the enzymes responsible for the degradation of sweat and to control body odors since it decreases bacterial adhesion.

Uriage Silky Body Lotion 200ml

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This silky, fluid and smooth lotion immediately fuses with the skin to intensely moisturize, smooth and comfort it. Its light texture, which is immediately absorbed, allows getting dressed faster. Your skin is extremely soft!
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The Uriage DS Hair shampoo is a purifying and soothing hair cleanser. It uses a patented TLr2-Regul complex combined with Uriage Thermal Water and edelweiss extract to calm the scalp and relieve any itchiness or irritation. Plus, the formula contains active ingredient piroctone olamine, which helps to purify the scalp.

Uriage Water Serum 30ml

Price €20.79
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A formula enriched with powerful moisturizing agents to revive the thirstiest skin and deliver comfort, softness and radiance. This Water Serum enriched with Uriage Thermal Water helps to rebuild the skin barrier to maintain an optimum moisturization level.

Uriage Baby 1st Cold Cream 75ml

Price €7.92
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This product intensely nourishes and protects baby's dry and delicate skin against external aggressions (wind, cold, hard water, etc.). Its formula, including the natural complex [Uriage Thermal Water + Organic Edelweiss] soothes and brings instant comfort.

Uriage Cleansing Milk 250ml

Price €14.96
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A fluid and creamy texture that eliminates the skin's impurities and leaves skin feeling pleasantly soft and comfortable. The ultra-soft and moisturizing cleansing base removes all impurities. Uriage Thermal Water moisturizes and softens the skin.

Uriage deo puissance 3 roll on 50ml

Price €10.06
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Uriage Deodorant Puissance 3 acts effectively on perspiration all day long and combats odors. It prevents white, yellow stains and the cardboard effect under clothing. The Power3 Deodorant provides a fresh, clean feeling for 24 hours.
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Very pleasantly scented, this 2-in-1 cleansing and nourishing product leaves the skin perfectly clean, soft and moisturized. Its soap-free cleansing base with physiological pH gently eliminates all impurities. With 1/3 nourishing milk, it preserves the skin's hydrolipidic film.

Uriage 1st Shampoo Extra Gentle 200ml

Price €10.00
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The 1st Shampoo leaves baby hair shiny, soft and pleasantly scented. Does not irritate the eyes. Its cleansing agents gently remove impurities from the scalp and hair. Thanks to its detangling agents, it avoids the knots and facilitates detangling.
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Uriage Bariederm Drying Repairing Cica-Spray with cu-zn is practical and hygienic. Its high tolerance formula is suitable for weakened humid areas. Soothes: TLR2-Regul patented technology and Uriage Thermal Water soothe the weakened epidermis. Purifies: Copper Gluconate and Zinc Oxide regulate bacterial skin flora.

Uriage Keratosane 30 Cream-Gel 75ml

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This high-tolerance cream gel is a complete treatment that helps restore the skin's smooth, soothed and soft appearance without areas of roughness. Its concentration in Urea produces a powerful keratolytic action on rough or very thick skin areas of the body.