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Bacteflora gold 30caps

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OLONEA Bacteflora Gold is a symbiotic dietary supplement high in broad-spectrum probiotics and prebiotic (inulin) for gut health and function.** Contains 12 probiotic strains, yields 100 billion additional probiotic bacteria per capsule, a prebiotic fiber used as food by friendly bacteria. It is addressed to people with severe disorders of the intestinal flora and the normal function of the intestine.

Tonotil Plus 10x10ml

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TONOTIL Plus with carnitine and 4 amino acids is intended for people who need a great deal of energy and power for a long time and is particularly useful for people with physical or mental stress. Relaxes from physical, mental and mental fatigue, fights against nervous overload and aids recovery after surgery or any illness. It also ensures the daily administration of valuable regenerative substances (essential amino acids) to the body.

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Forte Pharma Forte Detox 5 is an herbal detox drink to reduce fluid retention. In particular, it reduces fluid retention and detoxifies thanks to the action of extracts of birch, lemon juice, burdock, artichoke, chlorella, rosemary. Offers visible results from the 5th day of use.

Aboca NeoFitoroid BioOintment 40ml

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NeoFitoroid BioOintment is made with plant-based molecular complexes that soothe and protect the anorectal mucosa and is used to counteract the ailments (pain, stinging and itching), irritation and inflammation that accompany haemorrhoids.
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Vitamin C 1000mg Effervescent Tablets are dissolvable, refreshing, fruit flavoured tablets which make up into a drink containing a full gram of Vitamin C in a readily absorbable form. This product provides an alternative way of taking supplements, especially for those who have difficulty in swallowing tablets.

BacteFlora Plus 30caps

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BacteFlora is a symbiotic (combination of probiotics and prebiotics) food supplement of 10 major probiotic species, with 30 billion probiotic bacteria per capsule and 110 mg inulin, a prebiotic plant fiber that is indigestible in the intestine and used as a feed by friendly bacteria. BacteFlora Plus is a symbiotic plus effect product that protects and restores the balance the intestinal flora.

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M?ller's Total is a rich dietary supplement containing an optimal combination of natural omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil as well as many key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, enriched with ginseng extract. M?ller's Total naturally helps you regain energy and vitality

Lanes Vitamin C 1000 mg 20 eff tabs

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Lanes Vitamin C 1000mg with bioflavonoids is a time release product designed for prolonged action. It is an ideal supplement that enhances the immune system, strengthens the organism's defense and protects against the common cold.

Aquilea Sueno 30tabs

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Aquilea Sueno is a product developed to promote quality sleep thanks to its formula, an innovative compressed double layer designed specifically to release their ingredients as needed: the first layer is released quickly at the onset of sleep and the second layer is gradually released overnight.
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Vitamin C 1000mg Effervescent Tablets are dissolvable, refreshing, fruit flavoured tablets which make up into a drink containing a full gram of Vitamin C in a readily absorbable form. This product provides an alternative way of taking supplements, especially for those who have difficulty in swallowing tablets.

Frezyderm Ac-Norm Aquatic Cream 50ml

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Frezyderm Ac-norm Aquatic Cream is a moisturizer for skin affected by medications. It has a velvety, non-oily texture that offers elasticity, comfort and intensive hydration in depth for more than 8 hours, thanks to the Crambe oil it contains, effectively reducing dry skin.
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The bacterial strains offered by Solgar are alive. All strains are made from the first passage. The bacterial strains used by Solgar are resistant to high levels of gastric acidity, but for additional protection of the products in this series, encapsulation in microcapsules made of a polysaccharide matrix has been used, which increases their ability to survive in the digestive system.

Avene Cleanance Comedomed 30ml

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Reduces imperfections, Soothes, Mattifies. Cleanance Comedomed, an innovation from Laboratoires Eau Thermale Av?ne, fights blemishes and prevents them from reappearing, with clinically proven effectiveness from seven days*. High tolerance for blemish-prone skin.

Aboca NeoBianacid 45tabs

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NeoBianacid is a product with plant-based and mineral molecular complexes that provide a protective effect, soothing the gastro-oesophageal mucosa and rapidly counteracting the symptoms of heartburn, pain, and acidity, which are typically triggered when the mucosa is irritated and inflamed.

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Retinol B3 Serum is an anti-ageing serum formulated with Vitamin B3 and pure retinol to resurface and renew the look of fine lines, deep wrinkles and dark spots. Designed for sensitive skin without compromising on efficacy, the serum targets fine lines and wrinkles while improving the appearance of uneven skin texture and tone for an even complexion. Formulated with Vitamin B3 to soothe and keep skin soft, plump and supple by improving the skin's ability to retain moisture. The serum helps restore the skin's precious moisture barrier, to allow for improved hydration.
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Very high protection.

Invisible cloak sunscreen with velvety matte texture greatsense, protects and corrects  the DNA of cells. fortifies the skin's stem cells.

  •  Suitable for all skin types
  •  use throughout the body
  •  Non-greasy formulation
  •  dermatologically tested product for outdoor use.

Aboca Grintuss Pediatric Syrup 180gr

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Grintuss is made with honey and molecular complexes that protect and soothe the upper airways. It soothes a dry cough by reducing the irritation of the mucosa and helps hydrate and eliminate mucus in the event of a chesty cough.

Frezyderm Aqua Care Vaginal Gel 50ml

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Frezyderm Aqua Care Vaginal Gel is a moisturizing and lubricating gel for vaginal use, which offers strong hydration and lubricates the vagina, while having a healing effect. It relieves irritation, itching and inflammation and is suitable for dryness (atrophic vaginitis) that occurs during menopause.