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Frezyderm Matte Effect Cream 50ml

Price €18.90
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An oil-free matifying and hydrating cream for oily and combination skin. It instantly absorbs excess oil, providing a matte appearance for up to 10 hours and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Provides an excellent foundation for make-up.

Frezyderm Ac-Norm Aquatic Cream 50ml

Price €14.55
Availability: 2 In Stock
Frezyderm Ac-norm Aquatic Cream is a moisturizer for skin affected by medications. It has a velvety, non-oily texture that offers elasticity, comfort and intensive hydration in depth for more than 8 hours, thanks to the Crambe oil it contains, effectively reducing dry skin.

Frezyderm Crilen After Nip 30ml

Price €5.99
Availability: 12 In Stock
A soothing gel that provides immediate relief from the irritation and pain caused by insect bites, jelly fish stings, and stinging nettles. The gel's active herbal ingredients provide anti-inflammatory protection and immediately soothe irritation.
Availability: 1 In Stock
Hair Force Shampoo Women is a hair shampoo with a specialized composition that aims to address the factors that cause female hair loss. It strengthens the hair follicles and strengthens hair growth. At the same time, it protects against damage and rebuilds the hair follicle.

Frezyderm Baby Gums Gel 25ml

Price €7.31
Availability: 2 In Stock
Frezyderm BABY GUMS GEL is soap, fragrance, colour and parabens free. This soft gel has been formulated to provide instant relief to distressed teething babies. Its unique combination of herbal ingredients, including clove, licorice, myrrh and arnica, sooth babies as their first teeth develop.
Availability: 1 In Stock
"Sun Screen Velvet Face SPF30 is a diaphanous face sunscreen and Second Skin technology with a velvety texture and a sense of an invisible ""second skin"". It provides high protection and matte effect for 6 hours, absorbing oiliness and sebum, while softening the appearance of wrinkles."

Frezyderm Active Block SPF25 50ml

Price €19.32
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Availability: Out of stock
This specialised anti-ageing day cream provides long-lasting hydration and sun protection. The enhanced formula contains UVA and UVB filters, hyaluronic acid and anti-ageing agents, ensuring complete care against the first signs of ageing.

Frezyderm Ac-Norm Aquatic Serum 50ml

Price €16.99
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Availability: Out of stock
This moisturizing serum can be used to treat skin discomfort to all skin types, and especially those stressed by pharmaceutical treatments for mild, moderate and severe acne. The oil-free formula deeply hydrates the skin and increases elasticity.
Availability: 1 In Stock

Very high protection.

Invisible cloak sunscreen with velvety matte texture greatsense, protects and corrects  the DNA of cells. fortifies the skin's stem cells.

  •  Suitable for all skin types
  •  use throughout the body
  •  Non-greasy formulation
  •  dermatologically tested product for outdoor use.
Availability: 6 In Stock
Sunscreen lotion for toddlers, offering very high sun protection, using only inorganic filters. When applied, it creates a water-resistant protective blue film, that indicates the precise area of application. Its enriched formula, with chamomile, protects against dehydration and irritation.

Frezyderm Revitalizing Serum 30ml

Price €26.58
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Availability: Out of stock
This serum has an anti-ageing, revitalizing effect. Applying a few drops to the face and neck will result in skin immediately feeling softer and smoother. The formula's active ingredients provide the skin cells with oxygen, increasing the skin's elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Frezyderm Crilen Roll Ball 50ml

Price €10.08
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Availability: Out of stock
Specially packaged with a rolling ball of large diameter for easy and fast application. It moisturizes and softens the skin while exerting protection against the external influence of insects on uncovered areas of the body.. Dermatologically tested.

Frezyderm Baby Cologne 150ml

Price €9.53
Availability: 2 In Stock
Moisturizing baby cologne with a gentle fresh fragrance. Its carefully selected formula contains anti-inflammatory chamomile to minimize irritation and panthenol to protect and soothe the skin. Its alcohol free composition means it does not irritate or inflame baby's delicate skin.
Availability: 1 In Stock
It contains a carefully selected combination of glycerin and emollient oils of almond, calendula and chamomile that creates a soft moisturizing film which in combination with a gentle massage on the baby's abdomen, enhances the effect of simple rubbing for faster relief.
Availability: 3 In Stock
Dry nasal ointment for relieving nasal irritations and enhancing the nasal skins barrier. The ointment provides an alternative antimicrobial action that prevents the development of infections, reduces inflammation and restores the disturbed skin flora. It contains no drugs and can be used by infants, children and adults. It can be used alongside medications to treat infections.

Frezyderm Baby Cream 175ml

Price €11.84
Availability: 7 In Stock
Frezyderm Baby Cream is a gentle, protective and waterproof daily care cream after changing the diaper. It creates a barrier of protection and isolates the skin from moisture and irritating secretions, heals wrinkles and prevents the growth of germs, protecting against congestion.

Frezyderm Instant Lifting Serum 15ml

Price €29.61
Availability: 2 In Stock
An instant face lifting serum for an instantly younger-looking face. The skin tightening serum uses a marine biopolymer to form an invisible mask which smooths and lifts the skin. Wrinkles are softened, loose skin is tightened and skin gains elasticity and radiance.

Frezyderm Baby Hydra Milk 200ml

Price €12.01
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Availability: Out of stock
Frezyderm Baby Hydra Milk is a baby moisturizing lotion suitable for dry, irritated and sensitive skin. With normal moisturizing agents for rich and deep hydration of the skin. It treats and softens the baby's skin and prevents dehydration and dry skin.

Frezyderm Baby Oil 200ml

Price €10.28
Availability: 5 In Stock
Frezyderm Baby Oil is a baby oil based on chamomile extract that provides soothing effects on the skin. It also provides protection and relieves skin irritations and rashes. Its combination of ingredients is gentle so as not to irritate your baby's delicate skin and protect it from water loss and dehydration.