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List of products by brand Frezyderm

Frezyderm Ac-Norm Active Cleanser 200ml

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Frezyderm Ac-norm Active Cleanser is a gentle cleansing liquid for oily skin with a tendency to acne, which removes unnecessary sebum, dirt and makeup, while fighting the growth of bacteria. It is enriched with Moringa peptides for effective cleansing of the skin and protection from environmental pollutants.

Frezyderm Ac-Norm Active Wash 50ml

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This anhydrous cleansing gel is activated when it is mixed with water, becoming an easily rinsed away milk. The formula is enriched with plant derived salicylic acid, which gently cleanses, treats spots, decongests comedones, reduces irritation from oil overproduction and prevents blackheads.

Frezyderm Ac-Norm Aquatic Cream 50ml

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Frezyderm Ac-norm Aquatic Cream is a moisturizer for skin affected by medications. It has a velvety, non-oily texture that offers elasticity, comfort and intensive hydration in depth for more than 8 hours, thanks to the Crambe oil it contains, effectively reducing dry skin.

Frezyderm Ac-Norm Lip Balm SPF15 15ml

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A moisturizing balm, with an anhydrous formula, that protects, relieves and restores chapped lips while recasting the mucosa. Ideal for use alongside pharmaceutical treatments against acne. The balm provides sun protection, while reducing dermal discomfort and irritations due to the Deepsan factor.

Frezyderm Ac-Norm Micellar Water 200ml

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It effectively removes excess oil, daily grime and make-up, as well as medical remnants of any topical anti-acne products, making it the perfect conclusion to a daily cleansing regime. Active ingredients provide enhanced keratolytic and anti-microbial action, while reducing inflammation.

Frezyderm Ac-norm Peel-off mask 50ml

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Frezyderm Ac-norm Peel-off mask is a cleansing mask for oily and acne prone skin. Once the mask is dry, dirt, sebum, dead cells and blackheads attach to the surface and are removed when removed. It tightens the pores, gives a matte look and provides high antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action.

Frezyderm Ac-Norm Tinted Cream 50ml

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This tinted cream provides buildable coverage for acne prone skin, while its active ingredients work to treat the symptoms of the acne. The active ingredients work together to prevent further acne developing, sooth the skin and reduce oil production resulting in a matte complexion.

Frezyderm Anti-Ageing Body Cream 200ml

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This firming body cream is enriched with turmeric extract, which provides 5 times more anti-oxidant protection than vitamin E. This rich cream intensively cares for your skin from the first application, enhancing hydration, reducing blemishes and protecting against free radicals.

Frezyderm Anticort Cream 50ml

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Alternative to steroid cream, which reduces inflammation and irritation, strengthens the skin barrier and provides soothing and antibacterial activity on skin with eczema, contact dermatitis, hand eczema, seborrheic eczema, itching, redness, rashes and diaper rash. There are no adverse effects from prolonged use.

Frezyderm Aqua Care Vaginal Gel 50ml

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Frezyderm Aqua Care Vaginal Gel is a moisturizing and lubricating gel for vaginal use, which offers strong hydration and lubricates the vagina, while having a healing effect. It relieves irritation, itching and inflammation and is suitable for dryness (atrophic vaginitis) that occurs during menopause.

Frezyderm Atoprel Milky Bath Oil 2x125ml

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Special oil to cleanse and relipidify dry, sensitive, fragile skin with atopic tendency. Its Special formula is fully miscible with bath water offering cleansing and prevents contact of water with the disturbed skin barrier. Enriches bath water with skin replenishing lipids. Strengthens and protects skin hydrolipidic mantle.

Frezyderm Baby Bath 300ml

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A baby bath wash that gently cleanses baby's delicate skin without drying it or interfering with its normal pH levels while protecting the skin flora. Almond esters ensure the skin's barrier is left intact, while chamomile extract offers anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory protection.

Frezyderm Baby Cologne 150ml

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Moisturizing baby cologne with a gentle fresh fragrance. Its carefully selected formula contains anti-inflammatory chamomile to minimize irritation and panthenol to protect and soothe the skin. Its alcohol free composition means it does not irritate or inflame baby's delicate skin.

Frezyderm Baby Cream 175ml

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Frezyderm Baby Cream is a gentle, protective and waterproof daily care cream after changing the diaper. It creates a barrier of protection and isolates the skin from moisture and irritating secretions, heals wrinkles and prevents the growth of germs, protecting against congestion.
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