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    INTERMED Eva Douche Chamomile 147ml
    INTERMED Eva Douche Chamomile 147ml

Vaginal wash with chamomile.

Cleansing and relief.

Eva Douche Chamomile is a specially designed disposable douche for effective cleansing of any vaginal secretions while with chamomile extract containing offers immediate relief from the symptoms of itching, burning and redness of the vaginal mucosa may be due to a simple irritation or any cause vaginitis


• Vaginitis any etiology and irritation of the vaginal mucosa

• Itching and / or burning in the vulvovaginal region

• Cleaning and maintaining the health of the vagina

With chamomile and lactic acid.

Without hormones or drugs.

pH 4,2.

Fl. 147ml-disposable device.


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