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Bergamot stems from the Turkish word “bergamudu”, which means “the pear of the prince”. Historians claim that Christopher Columbus was the first one to bring bergamot from the Canarian Islands to Italy, where it is cultivated until today. It is the most common natural stimulant and antidepressant.


Ideal for oily skin and acne


Invigorates the body

Helps to treat physical tension

Mind and spirit

Acts as a natural antidepressant

Treats emotional tension, stress and anxiety

Lifts spirit and offers optimism and strength

Combine with: geranium, lavender, neroli, cedarwood, lemon, juniper berry, sandalwood.


Aromatherapy uses:

To dispel negative thoughts and anxiety: Add 5 drops of bergamot essential oil to the air diffuser.

Start your day in a positive mood: After bath, add a drop of bergamot essential oil to a wet sponge and sponge entire body.

For extreme anxiety or depression: Add 20 drops of bergamot essential oil to 50ml of almond or chamomile oil and massage the neck and shoulders or the entire body.

For peaceful sleep during periods of emotional tension: Add a drop of bergamot essential oil onto your pillow.

For fresh and clean breath: Add one drop of bergamot essential oil into a glass of water and rinse in mouth.

Safety instructions:

Avoid eye contact. Rinse thoroughly should the essential oils reach the eye area.

Do not eat unless advised by doctor, pharmacist or trained aromatherapist.

Do not use undiluted on skin.

Test for allergic reactions.

When using citrus essential oils, avoid the sun or solarium for 12 hours.

When pregnant or during lactation, consult your doctor before using any essential oil.

Be careful when using on kids under 12 years old.


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