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Lavender was used by the ancient Romans to scent their bath. The name was derived from the latin word “lavare” which means “to wash”. It is one of the most common essential oils and should be in every household. It is ideal for relaxing the body and the mind and helps you to have a calm sleep. It is also very famous for its anaplastic properties and is widely used for burns, insect bites and skin irritations.


One of the most useful essential oils, it should not be missing from any home.

Ideal for all skin types

Contributes to the regeneration of cells which is why it is widely used for burns and skin bites


It is beneficial for peptic disorders, respiratory problems, muscle strains and headaches

It’s a very effective insect repellant and provides detox, cellulite and water retention

Mind and spirit

Bring equilibrium to the mind and body and grants serenity

Helps combat stress and insomnia

Relieves emotional tension and mental strain

Combine with: cary sage, geranium, lemon, eucalyptus, patchouli, rose, jasmine, cedarwood, basil.


Aromatherapy uses:

Headaches and migraines: Apply compresses with 4 drops of lavender essential oil in a bowl.

Anxiety, stress and insomnia: Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil to the air diffuser.

For relaxation after a stressful day: Add 6 drops of lavender essential oil into a bath.

For relief from burns, bruises, insect bites and skin irritations: Apply 1-2 undiluted drops of lavender essential oil to the problem area.

After sun treatment: Add 35 drops of lavender essential oil to 50 ml of calendula oil.

Migraines and intense headaches: Rub 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil onto the neck, temples and forehead.

For anxiety before exams or intense stress: Inhale directly from the bottle.

Safety instructions:

Avoid eye contact. Rinse thoroughly should the essential oils reach the eye area.

Do not eat unless advised by doctor, pharmacist or trained aromatherapist.

Do not use undiluted on skin.

Test for allergic reactions.

When using citrus essential oils, avoid the sun or solarium for 12 hours.

When pregnant or during lactation, consult your doctor before using any essential oil.

Be careful when using on kids under 12 years old.


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