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    HEALTH AID - IRON bisglycinate 30mg, 30 tabs

Balanced Iron disglykinikos 30mg slow release Vitamin C does not irritate the stomach for better absorption. 

30 tablets

Iron is the most important metal, necessary for building healthy red blood cells. Helps transport vital oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, giving strength, vitality and energy necessary to maintain the smooth functioning of metabolism. Essential element for many body functions mainly for the synthesis of gamma globulin blood and transporting oxygen throughout the body. The disglykinikos IealthAid of iron chelated by the addition of vitamin C is easily absorbed and neutralize the vitamin E. It has high bioavailability and does not cause constipation or stomach discomfort. 's beneficial health supplement mainly in women during pregnancy, breastfeeding and menstruation that the incidence of anemia is booming. Restores good skin tone.

Usage: Adults and children over 12 years 1-3 tablets daily before meals. unintentional overuse iron-containing products is a major cause of serious poisoning in children under 6 years. In case of overdose call a doctor or poison control center immediately.

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