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List of products by brand Aboca

Aboca Finocarbo Plus 500mg 20caps

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FinoCarbo Plus is a 100% natural, complete and effective line that supports the physiological elimination of intestinal gas. FinoCarbo Plus associates the carminative properties of Fennel fruits, enriched with essential oil, with vegetable Charcoal

Aboca Fitonasal Spray 30ml

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Concentrated Fitonasal Spray is a protective decongestant that is suitable for all types of colds, allergies and, in general, for cases of congestion and irritation of the nasal cavities, associated with acute or chronic problems.

Aboca Grintuss Adult 180gr

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Grintuss is made with honey and molecular complexes that protect and soothe the upper airways. It soothes a dry cough by reducing the irritation of the mucosa and helps hydrate and eliminate mucus in the event of a chesty cough.

Aboca NeoBianacid 45tabs

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NeoBianacid is a product with plant-based and mineral molecular complexes that provide a protective effect, soothing the gastro-oesophageal mucosa and rapidly counteracting the symptoms of heartburn, pain, and acidity, which are typically triggered when the mucosa is irritated and inflamed.
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