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    Forte Pharma Turbo Slim Drink 500ml


The effectiveness of Turbo elimination in 10 days! Turbo Slim Drink (500ml) helps combat water retention, with your tissues feeling less swollen in no time.

There is a simple biological rule to be followed by anyone wanting to reshape and refine their figure or feel happy with their body: “successful slimming” depends on “successful drainage” of the organs directly involved in weight loss (fatty tissues, the lymphatic system, the liver, kidneys, digestive tract, etc.).

Turbo Slim Drink is a pleasant-tasting drink that triggers the deep acting elimination process. It is targeted at anyone wanting to lose weight, reduce 'puffiness' and get a better figure quickly.

A delicious peach-tea flavoured slimming beverage that you can drink all day long to drain your tissues with a triple action :

  • Burns and eliminates fats while reshaping the figure (kola nuts, blackcurrant, couch grass, meadowsweet, ash tree, burdock and tamarind pulp).
  • Deeply drain the kidneys, liver and lymphatic system and purify the body. Renal drainage (ash tree, meadowsweet, cherry stalk, couch grass, guava, blackcurrant, dandelion), Hepatic drainage (artichoke, fennel, burdock, dandelion), Lymphatic drainage (cherry stalk, fennel, burdock, Aosa alga).
  • Provides the correct balance of minerals and ions in the body (Aosa alga, ginseng, guava).

In 10 days Turbo Slim Drink reduces water retention by 25% (measured by the volume of urine produced), preventing that bloated feeling and helping you feel light again.

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