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Recommended for : WOMAN

Adviced for : Sensitive, dry and very dry skins 

Description : The Lotion perfect Avene Softness the cleaning of the skins sensitive to dry tendency and envelope skin of a genuine alleviating veil. Agreeably scented and nonalcoholic, it alleviates the skin and makes it flexible and soft. 

- Anti-irritante and Alleviating: Thanks to its very great high content in thermal Spring ofAvene(98%), it wraps the skin of a genuine alleviating veil. 

- Protectrice: Enrichie out of natural silicates in suspension, it protects the skin from the external aggressions by wrapping it, day after day, of a veil of infinite softness. 

Indication : Hygiene of the face, skins significant, dehydrated skins.

Use : To agitate the bottle well before each use in order to homogenize the suspension.  To use using a cotton after the Cleansing milk Softness, to perfect the make-up removal of the face and the neck.


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