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    INTERMED Eva Intima Wash Extrasept 250ml

With extra antifungal activity

Cleaning and care of the sensitive area.

The Eva Intima Wash Extrasept is gentle liquid daily cleaning of the sensitive area without soap, specially formulated to provide relief and protection especially in cases of infections or relapse due to fungi and combines antifungal, antibacterial and soothing herbs such as thyme, sage and the Burdock trilobed with the healing and regenerative action of the herb azantirakta.


  • Daily cleaning, comfort, heal and protect the sensitive area of the fungi.
  • With thyme, azantirakta, chamomile, Burdock trilobed, sage, aloe, rosemary, hamamelis, panthenol
  • Soap & irritants.
  • With high dermatological safety-pH 3,5.

Fl. 250ml

Directions for use

Use a quantity along with some water to create foam in the sensitive area. Rinse with plenty of water. Repeat as many times as needed during the day.

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