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    Vitabiotics - Neurozan, 30tabs

Neurozan 30tabs

The dietary supplement Vitabiotics Neurozan is a unique nutrient composition, based on global research and the latest scientific data on the role of micronutrients in brain function. Neurozan contains glutamine, an amino acid that provides energy to the brain and phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine, components necessary for maintaining the structural integrity of cell membranes. Additionally, it contains coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, E and trace elements known for their antioxidant activity and protection of brain cells from the destructive effect of toxic free radicals. These unique ingredients can help maintain memory, mental performance in brain function and also protect the brain from aging. Neurozan is aimed at those who work in conditions of stress and need mental clarity during examinations, at older people whose brain functions are starting to decline.

Dosage & Instructions:  One tablet per day with or immediately after your main meal, with a full glass of water or a cold drink.

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