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    HEALTH AID - GLUCOSAMINE Sulphate 2Kcl 1.5gr, 30 tabs
    HEALTH AID - GLUCOSAMINE Sulphate 2Kcl 1.5gr, 30 tabs

Glucosamine Sulphate 1500mg Tablets contain Glucosamine which is needed by the body to manufacture specialised molecules found in cartilage. It helps maintain joint mobility, suppleness and elasticity of tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. With age, the need for Glucosamine becomes greater and supplementation is highly recommended. Mega Glucosamine Sulphate 1500mg from HealthAid uses pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine, stabilised with potassium chloride (2KCL), which can be effectively absorbed and assimilated by the body.

Other Ingredients: Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Veg. Magnesium Stearate, Coating: Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose.

Recommended Daily Intake: Adults and children over 12 years of age, one tablets daily, preferably in the evening with food.  Can be increased to two tablets daily if required. 

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