Refreshing deodorizes protects cares fresh feet for the whole day.

With urea

Dermatologically tested.

Also suitable for diabetics

Gehwol caring Footdeo contains natural essential oils from rosemary and lavender in a balanced combination with herbal extracts from chamomile and peppermint, as well as the skin-vitamin Panthenol.

Gehwol caring Footdeo revives and stimulates and has a long-lasting deodorizing and refreshing effect.

Gehwol caring Footdeo protects as well as containing reliable antimicrobial properties, helps to prevent inflammation and hard skin becomes supple.

Gehwol caring Footdeo

  • long-lasting effect
  • deodorizes, extensively controls foot odor
  • antimicrobial, contains reliable effective ingredients
  • helps to prevent inflammation
  • hard skin becomes more supple
  • For daily foot hygiene, simply spray Gehwol caring Footdeo onto the feet, paying particular attention in between the toes.

Environmentally friendly pump spray without propellant

Featuring inverted valve which enables spraying in every position

Made in Germany

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