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    ANTISTAX - GEL for swollen feet, tired, 125 ml

To only extract the standard AS 195 solves course ...

The beneficial ingredients Antistax ® are natural substances known as flavonoids from the leaf extract of red grape (Vitis vinifera). Flavonoids can be produced by the body and can be obtained through diet.

Many clinical studies have shown that natural flavonoids helps maintain good venous circulation. It has also been shown to protect blood vessels walls of stabilizing and increasing the elasticity. The result of these actions is to ensure good venous circulation, reducing edema (swollen feet) and relief of annoying symptoms such as weight and feeling pain.

To Antistax ® contains a unique standardized extract of natural flavonoids, the AS 195, which has been used for decades to maintain the proper functioning of the veins of the legs.

Produced under the strictest standards of the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim and provides the same qualitative and quantitative composition of the beneficial ingredients in each tablet for all lots and throughout until the closing date.

Marketed and used in Germany, France, Italy and many other countries.

Antistax ® Cooling Leg Gel

To Antistax ® Cooling Leg Gel contains 1,250 mg of extract AS 195/100 g.

To Antistax ® Cooling Leg Gel is a unique, easily absorbed and non-greasy product that relieves immediately revive the "heavy" and tired legs.

To use: massage the gel into your feet with gentle but firm movements, starting from the ankles and moving up. It has a light lemon scent, absorbs quickly and begins to act immediately.

Store in refrigerator for extra refreshing action.


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