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    Sinomarin® Babies

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Sinomarin® Babies is a 100% natural, clinically proven nasal decongestant. It is a hypertonic sea water solution (2.3% NaCl) rich with the sea’s beneficial ingredients (mineral salts and trace elements).

Sinomarin® Babies is ideal for infants and babies as it helps cleanse the nasal cavities, eliminating mucous and mucous-trapped impurities, thus preventing nasal and secondary ENT infections and complications e.g. otitis. Sinomarin® Babies helps decongest nasal cavities via the natural mechanism of osmosis, restoring nasal breathing naturally. Sinomarin® Babies helps alleviate symptoms linked to nasal congestion.


Description : 18x5 ml single dose vials for infants and babies.

Composition per vial: Sea water 3.5 ml, Purified water q.s. 5 ml, equivalent to 23g/L NaCl (2.3%).

Preservative-free. Drug-free. Chemical additives-free. 100% natural.

Recommended dosage : a few drops in each nostril, 2 to 3 times daily, or as per physicians’ instructions. In cases of thick and superfluous mucous, a larger volume may be safely introduced in each nostril.

No side-effects have been reported with the use of Sinomarin® Babies.

CE class II medical device.

Instructions for use :

  • Wipe baby’s nose clean before using Sinomarin® Babies.
  • Break-off one vial from strip.
  • Twist tip to open vial.
  • Place baby in supine position turning its head to the right.
  • Introduce tip of vial carefully into the left nostril and press to release the desired quantity.
  • Turn baby’s head to opposite side and repeat application in the other nostril.
  • Repeat procedure if necessary.
  • Remove vial from baby’s nostril, return baby to upright position while allowing solution to work for a few seconds and then wipe the nose clean or use an aspirating device to remove mucous.


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