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Ducray Anaphase Stimulating Cream Shampoo for Hair Loss and Devitalized Hair
Ducray  Anaphase Cream shampoo is the perfect  supplement for anti-hair loss  treatments.
(lotions and food supplement).
It prepares the scalp to hair loss treatment and strengthens  the hair through its original formula with  Niconinate, tocopherol and GP4G.
This patented association of active ingredients stimulates  the micro circulation of the scalp and brings to the cells of
hair bulb the energy elements necessary to their metabolism.
Enriched in vitamins B5, B6 and B8, Anaphase shampoo-cream is also adapted to the weakened and devitalized hair.
A regular use contributes to effectively preserve the abundance of hair.
It gives hair its original strenght, volume and  vigor.
Its particularly consistent creamy-texture allows to  massage the scalp.
Indication: Weakened hair. Additive of anti hair-loss treatments.
Apply to wet scalp, emulsify and rinse.
Carry out a second application while massaging
during 2 to 3  minutes, then rinse.
Then, to apply your anti hair loss treatment,
before drying and capping your hair.
Size 200ml
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