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    Lamberts - Evening Primrose Oil with Starflower Oil 1000mg (Ω6), 90 caps
    Lamberts - Evening Primrose Oil with Starflower Oil 1000mg (Ω6), 90 caps

This product combines evening primrose oil with starflower (borage) seed oil to eventually give a mixture which is richer in C-linoleic acid (GLA) in relation to what the evening primrose oil alone yields.

GLA is a precursor of a specific and important prostaglandin called PGE1, which helps regulate the nervous, cardiovascular, and reproductive system, skin health and other biological functions. While the body can create GLA from linoleic acid (omega 6 fatty acid found in vegetable oils), this conversion is sometimes slowed or inhibited completely. Therefore, a dietary source of GLA can be very useful for the body in order to bypass the conversion process, and numerous clinical trials have shown that GLA supplementation may be effective in particular situations.

This product provides about 50% more volume GLA per capsule compared to the capsules of the same size product of evening primrose oil, and each capsule also provides the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of Vitamin E.

This product is suggested for:

• Women during menopause.

• Women during menstruation.

• Anyone wanting to keep their health and skin in good condition.

Dosage:   1 to 3 capsules daily.

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